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A Cloud Strategy for a Multicloud World

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When talking about the data centers, the traditional ones are the focus of most of the enterprises, but organizations are using the multicloud operations for the growth and scaling of the business and operational efficiencies. Although the use of multicloud is complex but users are determined to use these apps anytime and anywhere.

Cisco wanted to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the added security options, so it built a broad set of solutions for the multicloud world. The solution is shared as under:

Protecting SaaS Applications:

Cisco took the action to reduce the phishing attack by introducing the cloud email security to integrate with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Cisco email security has the ability to remove the malicious attachments from the customer’s inbox even though it was legitimately designed for the particular user in the upcoming release of 11.1 edition, available from December 2017. Cisco email Security when combined with AMP Console creates a unified dashboard for the malware activity across all the devices and internet accesses. Hence the professionals will be able to eliminate threats and have free valuable time.

In August 2016, cisco acquired CloudLock, which is a cloud access security broker (CASB), focused on saving data, application and identities of the user because this is the visibility that customers want for their employees using cloud services. Cloudlock can currently access 300,000 Open protocol third-party applications, but to provide the access to the on-network cloud activity, cisco is working on adding more capabilities, which will released by the start of 2018.

Protecting Public Cloud Environment:

Stealthwatch was Cisco’s leading tool for network visibility which is used to distinguish network traffic in the organization. But when the customers move towards the public cloud facilities, they require the visibility into AWS, Azure infrastructure and Google Cloud. In this case, Cisco acquired Observable Network to extend Stealthwatch to the cloud. Through these facilities the customers can deploy Stealtwatch for distributed environments in the cloud and for the cloud. After the update it can detect threats without the help of software agents. This creates model to monitor the everyday traffic and detect malicious activity in real-time environment. It also maintains the past records for later investegations.

Secure Access to Cloud:

In today’s world the customers are required to work from anywhere and at any time. Cisco is working to enhance the security of Internet gateways because the customers are facing the issues with the VPNs, security appliances and cloud apps as they are not secure enough. Cisco Umbrella launched in the Conference of February 2017, processes data at the speed of 120 million DNS requests per day with roughly 85 million users access the site daily. The recent announcements enables the company managed IOS devices to be protected by Cisco Umbrella whether using cellular network or Wi-Fi.

Delivering Cloud Security Advisor Services:

To address the needs of the customers who are accessing the multicloud facility to improve the cloud security and effectiveness, Cisco is now offering cloud security and assessment services i.e. architectural planning for cloud security, strategy recommendation and etc.

With this extended portfolio, Cisco now makes it simpler than at any other time for associations to use an entire and comprehensive arrangement from a solitary merchant to acquire full visibility and control over SaaS and open cloud situations.

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