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Announcement of Dueling Events by AMD and Nvidia


On February 28 at GDC, AMD and Nvidia announced some important dueling events due to the on it increased focus by annual Game Developers at their conference. AMD revived all the events that first occurred at GDC 2016.  A session was held on March 2 by GDC, which was dedicated to the chips that forced the developers to join the Engineering team members for introducing the recently launched AMD Ryzen CPU which was later on followed by the advanced optimization topics. Lisa Su announced the inauguration of Ryzen in March. Though the launch of Ryzen was almost not possible at Capsaicin 2017.

The presence of Nvidia did not allow AMD to grab attention. It was expected that a special event will be hosted by Team Green which will be known as GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration. The invitation of the event did not clearly state of any live streaming of ode of Nvidia to PC gaming, but it provided some hint of product announcements.

The shindig was designed in such a way that it assisted Nvidia in cozying up to all the gamers and developers at GDC. At GDC, Nvidia announced a new hardware at an event and at the similar event original Shield TV console was revealed. After the failure of GeForce GTX 1080, Nvidia also had many other products to reveal such as GeForce for Mac and PCs, which allowed the streaming of PC games to any computer from the servers of Nvidia that was already scheduled to get launched earlier this March. It was certain that GDC 217 will gear up to be one of the most important events of 2017.

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