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AQA Paves the Way For Faster Index, Search And Retrieval Of Application Data


With the growth of application data on the rise leading to a saturated phase in relational database management systems (RDBMS) has led to the degradation of query performance. These conditions undermine the execution of the applications that depend on those databases, ultimately damaging the users, businesses and clients.

But there is a solution that has been developed by Cisco IT in the form of Application Query Acceleration (AQA). Designed with the purpose of enabling Cisco’s business team make the whole process of indexing, searching and retrieving large volume of data faster and cost effectively for their customers, the platform has been specially architected and designed to scale is not only a ready to use service but is also high in performance. Intended for handling data oriented applications, AQA recovers information in huge volume datasets, with 10X quicker execution contrasted with a database.

Cisco has till now released two versions of AQA using open-source technology. While Version 1.0 was built on Apache Lucene whereas Version 2.0 has been built on Apache Solr and is implemented at Cisco as a cross-functional platform. This version sees the inclusion of advanced features including the ability to be scalable, more secure, recoverable, optimizable and distributable.

Apart from indexing database tables and views as flat files and slices, dices and distributes indexes across multiple nodes for performance; the AQA solution distributes search query to the nodes, collects the datasets and totals and returns the outcome set in under 500 milliseconds. What’s more, AQA adjusts files with database updates.

Additional features of the AQA version 2.0 includes:

  • P1-type stability, scalability, security and 24/7 availability
  • Standard web service interface (XML/JSON)
  • Load balancing and security
  • Supported operations READ,% WRITE, CRUD
  • Administrative GUI (configuration/manage) for ease of administration
  • Disaster recovery-enabled
  • Monitoring and alert mechanism for the service
  • Declarative indexing based on the data models

A versatile and adaptable platform that can be used with other search and NoSQL engines, its easy integration with other data analytics solution within Cisco  has led to other business groups across Cisco IT to integrate the AQA as a part of their database. This has helped customers to efficiently search and retrieve data.

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