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Blending Cloud and Edge Computing on IOT


The internet of things has expanded rapidly over the past few years. These are small devices which are controlled and tracked by latest cost-effective chips of suitable size. The problem of building IoT has changed into the problem of managing the large quantity of data. The quantity of transistors per chip will turn double after every 18 months as per Moore’s law, which has enabled hardware developers to incorporate additional functionality in the same footprint. This helps in the creation of smaller phones, computers and many other ready-to-use electronic devices.

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Medical Science News Robot

Robots will take over Medical Science


Robots in the field of medical is not an unusual thing anymore. Surgeries performed with the help of robots are becoming common day by day. Many medical training programs include virtual and robotic cases so that students can be trained without taking risks with actual patients.

Surgery, drug discovery and medical imaging are the three divisions which stand out among all other robotic medical advancements.

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Big Data: A Game Changer In The Retail Industry


Ever wondered how some companies manage to market their products so effectively that the moment they are launched in the market, they are sold out within minutes since launch while there are others that fail to make an impression and generate interest completely? That despite the lower prices and possibly better features, they fail to generate the same hype and sales to be considered a success in the market?

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Boost In Enterprise Container Adoption With The Microsoft And Red Hat Collaboration

Microsoft And Red Hat Collaboration

It seems that Microsoft and Red Hat have decided to expand their alliance of 2 years and bridge the gap between open source computing and Windows. But how exactly, you might ask? Well, the two giants have launched several new initiatives that will not only expand and strengthen their alliance but will also help the enterprise customers to adopt to container solutions. This development will benefit the customers and will allow them access to native support for the Windows Server containers that are operating on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure.

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Intel Teases With the Unveil of the 8th Gen Core Processor

Intel Introduces 8th Gen Processor

Here’s some exciting news for all those waiting with bated breath for the next offering from Intel: the Santa Clara chipmaker is about to unveil the next generation of chips on August 21. That’s right – get ready to witness the launch of the 8th generation Core Processors “Coffee Lake” which will be unveiled on their Facebook Page via Facebook Live.

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Data Center

Our Top 5 Business Intelligence Solutions For Data-Focused Smbs

top 5 business intelligence solutions

With businesses transitioning towards Business Intelligence solutions for their day-to-day use, a lot of tech apps have emerged in the market. And with so many of them in the market, let’s take a look at the top 5 solutions out there.

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Cisco And Jive Integrate Smart Cloud Platform Into Desk Phones For More Effective Communication


We always say that when a Business VoIP or UC provider come together with another provider, it always results in new and innovative solutions, not to mention the fact that it’s these partnerships that really push towards the adaption of Cloud Communication. And this time, it seems that the two giants Cisco and Jive have joined hands are taking their partnership forward!

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Devices Networking

Cisco Adds To Its Portfolio With 3 New Wireless And Routers Models


A few days, Cisco announced three new wireless and router models, adding to its increasing business portfolio and we have got all the information that you could need for them!

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Data Center

Make Memory Faster and Cheaper with 3D X Point Memory Technology

intel optane technology

Is there any way of making data centers and PCs faster? Well, Yes! 3D XPoint memory technology is the new technology which will make its way into both PCs and data centers, which is designed to fill the gaps between speedy conventional memory where computers preserve data for the immediate use and flash memory is used for longer-term storage.

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A Guide to Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

What is the surface Laptop?

Microsoft pitches the laptop worth $999 as an Apple MacBook challenger, with improved battery life and enhanced performance. Laptop also helps in dissuading students and schools by switching from mid to high-end PCs. Laptop uses utilizes Windows 10 S, which is a locked down OS version that it will only run the apps which are installed through Windows Store. Microsoft is also targeting fast boot times for Windows 10 S, so no more than 15 seconds for initial log in and for every single attempt within five seconds. When it was launched, Surface Laptop was shown sleeping and waking along with the lid being closed or opened. One major drawback of Windows Store Lock is that store is still missing many desktop releases of Windows.

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