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Esports: An Emerging Industry


Esports, also known as electronic sports, competitive gaming, online gaming, or pro gaming is a form of video games. According to the revenue estimated, Esports nearly generated 696 million US dollars in 2017 which nearly doubled since 2015. At current rate, 40% of growth is recorded yearly and revenue is expected to grow 1.49 billion US dollars by 2020. Every sport attracts sponsorships, esports also cater vast amount of budget, nearly 80 % of the revenue gets generated through sponsors. Other than sponsorships, it generates revenue through betting, merchandise and tickets. eSports became famous in North America, Asia and Europe compared to other continents.

Asian market contributes the most followed by North American and Europe.

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IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) Security Challenges


IoT or Internet of things, is doing wonders and making life more convenient. It can control aviation, airplane engines, transportation, water distribution, increase security, and environment control. According to the statistics, there will be at least 21 billion connected devices by 2020 and currently, IoT has over 7.5 billion investment with chances to get more with time. Moreover, it increases the efficiency and connect devices like smoke detector, bells etc.

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AI Internet of Things IoT

Connected in Air


The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is the trend in today’s market. Some predict our future can be over such devices which can communicate with another. The surprising thing is that if you ask around, there are not many who would know about IoT. Mostly, the ones who know about IoT are considered as the tech-geeks. IoT has done a lot of improvement in our daily life. We have noticed the IoT is doing wonders and everything is connected on ground but is it really? And what about things in air, Are they connected too? Yes, it is. The IoT is changing the aviation industry by increasing the efficiency operations, transportation, fuel efficiency and customer services.

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