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The Rise of Machine Language and AI


As the world is moving towards promising advancements, every day we receive multiple announcements in Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence. There is still a lot of buzz in the market but we are now seeing products and development in this area.

Although the existing algorithms are slowly and gradually becoming intelligent, and there is a strong desire to enhance the impact of Security Orchestration Automation and Response from involuntary means.

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AI Internet of Things IoT

Connected in Air


The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is the trend in today’s market. Some predict our future can be over such devices which can communicate with another. The surprising thing is that if you ask around, there are not many who would know about IoT. Mostly, the ones who know about IoT are considered as the tech-geeks. IoT has done a lot of improvement in our daily life. We have noticed the IoT is doing wonders and everything is connected on ground but is it really? And what about things in air, Are they connected too? Yes, it is. The IoT is changing the aviation industry by increasing the efficiency operations, transportation, fuel efficiency and customer services.

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AI Cloud Multicloud Security stealthwatch

A Cloud Strategy for a Multicloud World

Conceptual image of businessteam working cohesively. Interaction and unity

When talking about the data centers, the traditional ones are the focus of most of the enterprises, but organizations are using the multicloud operations for the growth and scaling of the business and operational efficiencies. Although the use of multicloud is complex but users are determined to use these apps anytime and anywhere.

Cisco wanted to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the added security options, so it built a broad set of solutions for the multicloud world. The solution is shared as under:

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AI Digital Transformation

AI valued for Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is not only caused by the increase in business activities, it is also the result of improvement in internal process. The AI’s advancement is speeding up day by day. AI-operated automation enables support organizations to provide reliable and consistent support and services Twenty-four Seven across various regions and devices. Leadership and service managers improve workflows, increase resource allocations and personalize interactions to enhance service quality while reducing costs of support with smart data analysis.

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