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A Cloud Strategy for a Multicloud World

Conceptual image of businessteam working cohesively. Interaction and unity

When talking about the data centers, the traditional ones are the focus of most of the enterprises, but organizations are using the multicloud operations for the growth and scaling of the business and operational efficiencies. Although the use of multicloud is complex but users are determined to use these apps anytime and anywhere.

Cisco wanted to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the added security options, so it built a broad set of solutions for the multicloud world. The solution is shared as under:

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Blending Cloud and Edge Computing on IOT


The internet of things has expanded rapidly over the past few years. These are small devices which are controlled and tracked by latest cost-effective chips of suitable size. The problem of building IoT has changed into the problem of managing the large quantity of data. The quantity of transistors per chip will turn double after every 18 months as per Moore’s law, which has enabled hardware developers to incorporate additional functionality in the same footprint. This helps in the creation of smaller phones, computers and many other ready-to-use electronic devices.

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Big Data: A Game Changer In The Retail Industry


Ever wondered how some companies manage to market their products so effectively that the moment they are launched in the market, they are sold out within minutes since launch while there are others that fail to make an impression and generate interest completely? That despite the lower prices and possibly better features, they fail to generate the same hype and sales to be considered a success in the market?

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The Internet Of Things And What You Don’t Know


Can you imagine a world without the internet or our smart devices? Think about it – how would we stay connected and interact with multiple people at one time? But we are not the only ones who are “connected” – the use of smart technology has, it seems, taken over the devices in and outside our homes as well.

Think about it, with the increase in cloud computing leading to a spike in machine-to-machine communication, we are seeing this technology implanted in almost everything today!

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The Future of Networking is in The Cloud


With cloud technology taking over various industries, it comes as no surprise that more than 60% of the spending of the IT sector will be directed towards cloud-based services in the coming years. Although it has been a somewhat gradual process, but the shift towards cloud has already begun with a lot of companies offering cloud-based services and applications.

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Boost In Enterprise Container Adoption With The Microsoft And Red Hat Collaboration

Microsoft And Red Hat Collaboration

It seems that Microsoft and Red Hat have decided to expand their alliance of 2 years and bridge the gap between open source computing and Windows. But how exactly, you might ask? Well, the two giants have launched several new initiatives that will not only expand and strengthen their alliance but will also help the enterprise customers to adopt to container solutions. This development will benefit the customers and will allow them access to native support for the Windows Server containers that are operating on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure.

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HPE Discover 2017: Bringing Data Back From The Cloud

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Whether it’s a car, appliance or even an industrial machine; everything is become connected which has led to businesses store more and more data into the public cloud. But that too is seen changing as companies are now reversing that strategy and bringing data back to on-premises infrastructure.

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Dell EMC and Microsoft Join Hands on Hybrid Cloud Platform for Boosting Digital Transformation

Dell EMC and Microsoft

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is a platform which allows different businesses to share and develop cloud-native apps. It was announced by Microsoft and Dell EMC on Thursday which involves a joint offering and it also aims at increasing the process speed for different organizations which further helps in the management of hybrid cloud strategy.

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Get Increased Speed in Cloud Services with Microsoft’s Qualcomm

microsoft and qualcomm

Qualcomm announced a collaboration with Microsoft for accelerating next-generation cloud services on the platform of 10nm Qualcomm. Their association was with various multiple generations of software, hardware and systems. There are many firms which have been working for so many years on the ARM-based server enablement.

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Making WLAN decision: On-Premises Vs. Cloud-Managed


If you are in the market for unique and business class WLAN, then one of the most important decisions that you should make is the selection of traditional controller of on-premises or the solution for cloud-managed. Most of the organizations successfully manage WLAN with some of the WLAN controllers, but the WLAN which is cloud-managed has gained lot of attraction. The concept of shifting configuration and controlling the complete WLAN to cloud service provider is difficult to swallow for most of the veteran architects.

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