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Blending Cloud and Edge Computing on IOT


The internet of things has expanded rapidly over the past few years. These are small devices which are controlled and tracked by latest cost-effective chips of suitable size. The problem of building IoT has changed into the problem of managing the large quantity of data. The quantity of transistors per chip will turn double after every 18 months as per Moore’s law, which has enabled hardware developers to incorporate additional functionality in the same footprint. This helps in the creation of smaller phones, computers and many other ready-to-use electronic devices.

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Vendor and Re-seller: Extending Support for a Stronger Relationship


Establishing a strong connection with your partner channel is essential towards a successful partnership that will result in continuous growth for both parties.  However, it seems that this important fact has, over time, been overlooked and sometimes even ignored.  Instead of focusing on this aspect of their service, vendors have clearly disregarded not just the relationship between their partners but have also failed to recognize the additional benefits that could result as the connection between the two parties strengthen.

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