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Robots will take over Medical Science


Robots in the field of medical is not an unusual thing anymore. Surgeries performed with the help of robots are becoming common day by day. Many medical training programs include virtual and robotic cases so that students can be trained without taking risks with actual patients.

Surgery, drug discovery and medical imaging are the three divisions which stand out among all other robotic medical advancements.

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AQA Paves the Way For Faster Index, Search And Retrieval Of Application Data


With the growth of application data on the rise leading to a saturated phase in relational database management systems (RDBMS) has led to the degradation of query performance. These conditions undermine the execution of the applications that depend on those databases, ultimately damaging the users, businesses and clients.

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Computing Devices News

Intel Teases With the Unveil of the 8th Gen Core Processor

Intel Introduces 8th Gen Processor

Here’s some exciting news for all those waiting with bated breath for the next offering from Intel: the Santa Clara chipmaker is about to unveil the next generation of chips on August 21. That’s right – get ready to witness the launch of the 8th generation Core Processors “Coffee Lake” which will be unveiled on their Facebook Page via Facebook Live.

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Will Microsoft and ARMs emerge as winners in the battle of the servers?

microsoft unveils new arm server designs

According to the marketing campaign of Intel, the company is driving almost 98% of the cloud. That statistic will be under an attack with some OS and chip announcements.

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Vulkan Is Working On Different Intel Gpus and It Has Turned Out To Be a Good News

vulkan is working on different intel gpus

Recently, Intel has taken a step for the integration of 500 and 600 GPUs with the help of windows driver. These GPUs will further play an important part in supporting the Vulkan graphics API. This has turned out to be a good news for most of the people.

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