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Esports: An Emerging Industry


Esports, also known as electronic sports, competitive gaming, online gaming, or pro gaming is a form of video games. According to the revenue estimated, Esports nearly generated 696 million US dollars in 2017 which nearly doubled since 2015. At current rate, 40% of growth is recorded yearly and revenue is expected to grow 1.49 billion US dollars by 2020. Every sport attracts sponsorships, esports also cater vast amount of budget, nearly 80 % of the revenue gets generated through sponsors. Other than sponsorships, it generates revenue through betting, merchandise and tickets. eSports became famous in North America, Asia and Europe compared to other continents.

Asian market contributes the most followed by North American and Europe.

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Tips for trading Bitcoin


The most important fact of trading is that one can never perfectly time the buys and sell. The chances of purchasing at the exact bottom and selling at the exact top is lesser than usual. There aren’t any specific set of rules that are supposed to be followed, no such path to take.

Every person has different perspective regarding sales, trading and investing, and crypto currency trading is similar in this regard. However, trading isn’t for everyone, losing your expensive Bitcoins by making mistakes is definitely not a fun situation to be in.

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The Future of Networking is in The Cloud


With cloud technology taking over various industries, it comes as no surprise that more than 60% of the spending of the IT sector will be directed towards cloud-based services in the coming years. Although it has been a somewhat gradual process, but the shift towards cloud has already begun with a lot of companies offering cloud-based services and applications.

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