Esports: An Emerging Industry


Esports, also known as electronic sports, competitive gaming, online gaming, or pro gaming is a form of video games. According to the revenue estimated, Esports nearly generated 696 million US dollars in 2017 which nearly doubled since 2015. At current rate, 40% of growth is recorded yearly and revenue is expected to grow 1.49 billion US dollars by 2020. Every sport attracts sponsorships, esports also cater vast amount of budget, nearly 80 % of the revenue gets generated through sponsors. Other than sponsorships, it generates revenue through betting, merchandise and tickets. eSports became famous in North America, Asia and Europe compared to other continents.

Asian market contributes the most followed by North American and Europe.

There are multiple genres in eSports like fighting, real time strategy, sports, racing etc. Games like counter strike, league of legends and Dota 2 have made remarkable success in the market whereas games like Heroes of the storm, Call of Duty, Hearthstone etc. have also made an impact on market with significant earnings. eSports isn’t just confined with video games but it’s showing the important through major leagues and tournaments. There are more than 35 leagues and tournaments going on globally, with only USA organizing at least 10 major tournaments; i.e. The International, the League of legends world championship, SMITE World Championship, Intel Extreme and Liga Mexicana de Videojuegos provide live broadcasts of the game and reward money to the competitors.


During 2016, the global eSports audience and fan who viewed this sports was around 162 million. The number of fans increased by 194 million in 2017 and projected to increase by 286 million in 2020. The tournament which got the highest number of registered players in 2015 is League of Legends. Also during the same year, the League of Legends World Championship recorded as the highest viewers of any eSports tournament and it was estimated around 36 million.

Just like many other sport players, esports players also earn a lot of money and cash prizes during the tournaments and leagues. Most notably, Peter Dager from US, earned 6 million US$ in cash prizes. He was also the CEO of an esports organization, Evil Geniuses. There are many other professional players who are millionaire like Saahil “UNIVeRsE” Arora, Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling, Sumail Hassan etc. It shows that professional players from all over the world are participating and showing interest in this sports regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and low tech environment.  It is mainly dominated sports by male with 70%  and female with 30%. Also, the users are mostly between 16 and 24 which means that eSports is quite popular among the youngsters.

These games are designed to be played professionally from the beginning. The game developer add different levels and stages with options to operate with multi players. Games are specifically designed for spectator mode with extraordinary features like Counter-strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Game servers need high internet connections in order to operates all across the world. Often, cases of cheating and technical difficulties unlike physical events, created negative impact on high level tournaments and leagues. Online games require point of contact from both ends, the competitors contact each other on server and all the online gaming is managed by a game server.


Moreover, eSports competitions are often occurred over LAN or local area network. This connection offers fair play competition because players had to be physically present on the event and it allow to direct scrutiny competitors. LAN can prevent different forms of cheating like unauthorized hardware or software modding. Organizing competition don’t require any license or restriction, gamers from all over the world arrange competition over LANs. In fact, all the big competitions are conducted over LAN to avoid cheating and uncertainty.

In the end, what makes million people to tune in with their accounts and watch live streaming of people playing video games online? eSports, with its growing popularity has developed a large fan base which is loyal to it. All the aforementioned facts highlights the popularity and growth of Electronic sports. This game is not restricted to any culture or region but it’s spreading all over the world.

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