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Intel Teases With the Unveil of the 8th Gen Core Processor

Intel Introduces 8th Gen Processor

Here’s some exciting news for all those waiting with bated breath for the next offering from Intel: the Santa Clara chipmaker is about to unveil the next generation of chips on August 21. That’s right – get ready to witness the launch of the 8th generation Core Processors “Coffee Lake” which will be unveiled on their Facebook Page via Facebook Live.

Teasers released from Intel hints at the features including VR credentials along with ultra fast performance which is supposed to be 30% more powerful than its predecessors. But that’s not at all that you can expect from this release! If the alleged specifications that had been released online last month holds true, then you can expect Intel to introduce a trio of six-core, 12 thread devices along with 3.5GHz base clock speed that is capable of a 4.3GHz boost on at least one-core as well as a 12MB level-3 cache.

Intel Introduces 8th Gen Processor

Rumored to be in production from this month, the Facebook Live launch is an event that you don’t want to miss out on! So get ready and tune in on Facebook at 5pm UK time to witness this exciting and most anticipated unveiling!

Stay tuned for more information on the release of Intel 8th Generation Processors.

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