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Revealing Secrets of the Universe Using Quantum Computers

quantam computer

Researchers have hinted towards imitation of the time universe was created via quantum computer. This would the very first time that high energy physics experiment could be virtually replicated which could reveal many hidden facts about the universe. Quantum computer would define new dimensions of computing in this digital age since they do not operate like any typical computer that functions on binary code. They instead are built to function on qubits incorporating both 0,1 state. This would mean that their embedded processor would be much more faster therefore could handle multiple complicated calculations at the same time. Google’s D-Wave 2 quantum computer is a billion times quicker than an ordinary laptop.

Scientists also upgraded a quantum computer recently for the purpose of their research making use of four calcium ions. Quantum computer imitated the emergence of electrons and protons in the vacuum and laser beam allowed the computer to perform computations quickly. The experiment was performed to gauge how particles function in an environment similar to that of space.

Though Quantum computing has been quite a success in the recent years on a large scale, people have raised the issue of its usage at a lower level. Researchers have pointed out that as it becomes more and more common, things would be more and more clearer as to how it would replace a normal computer. But it’s certainly more than capable to handle tasks which has been termed as beyond the reach of even most advanced computer versions.
Even though it would be difficult to contradict the findings of an experiment performed by particles collider, quantum computer could certainly help us better evaluate them. It could prove to be a game changer in terms of understanding high energy physics and would define both past and future to a great extent.

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How to Get Consistent Wi-Fi Speed by Choosing the Right Channel

Wifi Speed By right channel

If it’s taking long to stream your video online, instead of cursing your service provider time has come to upgrade your Wi-Fi router. Despite the numerous advantages of the Wi-Fi technology, it has been rather baffling for many users to get the consistent speed due to the many reasons such as close by interference, router’s location and device’s distance from the router. Having said that, sometimes other electronic devices nearby (television, microwaves) could also cause some distraction. Luckily there are defined ways through which internet speed could be fixed. If you have ever gone through router’s settings, you may have noticed availability of more than one channels. Selecting the appropriate channel would help in getting the consistency in terms of the speed.

Channel one, six and eleven

Wi-Fi devices transmits in numerous frequencies. The typical home network utilizes small range of 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz for one transmission. By virtue of ability of signals to go through walls, generally 2.4 GHz is deemed enough for a medium sized home but 5 GHz is recommended to get the maximum speed. Any typical version of the Wi-Fi router works within the frequency of 2400-2500MHz. This is divided further into channels as 2.4GHz connection usually entails 14 channels. These channels are separated by only 5MHz range apart from 12 MHz space immediately before the 14th channel. Channels convergence mainly results in slow internet speed.

Only channels 1,6 and 11 are spaced adequately which keeps the Wi-Fi speed consistent. It is always recommended to use only these channels to minimize the distraction. Choose 5GHz connection having embedded free space as it constitutes 23 non-overlapping channels. Go for 802.11n wireless device as it automatically alters the best channel that could deliver the maximum speed.

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Safeguarding Clinical Devices from Cyber-Criminals

Safeguarding clinical devices

Clinical devices have always been the target of cyber-criminals as more and more cases of data breach have been reported in the media. Increased connectivity has made it more and more harder to protect the data and gave developers, IT professionals and management authorities quite a challenge to come up with an innovative mechanism to safeguard the data. By virtue of living in a digital age, online attackers are active more than ever and relentlessly looking for an opportunity to penetrate through any vulnerable network. Mobile applications are especially appealing to the hackers being operated in sort of an unguarded environment. Virtually all healthcare services use mobile data management solutions to protect their mobile devices from data breach but only few have been able to perfectly implement the system.

The countless loopholes, flaws and deficiencies of healthcare technologies have been baffling for IT professionals but not so much for the hackers apparently, who have been able to attack at will mainly due to the ease with which they could get hospital data from the black market. Numerous studies have been done illustrating the fact that hackers have really zeroed in on healthcare industry. Arxan’s study evaluated 71 of the most prominent healthcare devices from the US, UK, Germany and Japan and concluded that 86% of them have had two major loopholes which have been exploited by online hackers.

The abuse of personal health data is a pivotal issue which should be tackled on urgent basis. But situation becomes even more worse when they target the operational capabilities of clinical devices with an intention to disrupt and control them. Dialysis machines, insulin pumps and numerous apps for gauging body temperature, heartbeat, blood glucose levels use the internet to be monitored and regulated therefore has to be secured completely from more than probable hacker’s attack.

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Revolutionizing IT For a Digital Era

IT for a digital era

As technical malfunction forces an organizational shift towards IT, they must come up with holistic approach to keep their system up to date. Most organizations face severe issues regarding updating their technology in terms of revolutionizing customer purchasing experience, incorporating new technologies, i.e. cloud, replacing outdated software solutions etc. Usually companies don’t prefer to change the whole system at once rather prioritizes the work according to what is needed the most in order to avoid the sudden shock. But as looming online threat is becoming significant, they need to rush the update work a bit so that whole system is protected.

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Data Center

LTO 5 Tapes- Resolving Data Recovery and Storage Issues

LTO 5 tape

LTO has been regarded as most cheaper way to store larger data keeping in mind energy efficiency. LTO-5 tape needs shockingly less energy than other disks of similar capacity. Circulating disk always requires consistent power and cooling supply which could be far more expansive. Tape needs far less energy for writing and reading data and virtually none for cartridge.

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Data Center

Why do businesses need a server?

Businesses need a server

Businesses are using desktop PCs as their server which could stop working anytime as they are not built to work 24/7. In case of shut down, you would be in danger of losing all your files and any other important documents. PC can never take the place of server which is obviously more dependable as it is made to remain switched on all the time. Its more endurable, built for multi-tasking and there is no need to shut it down for routine repairs. Don’t even think about doing it on any desktop computer. Small businesses having more than 5 computers should really have a secure server to make your business efficient.

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Routers and Switches are a Lot More Powerful Than They Used to be…

routers and switches

Network engineers are tired of being called plumbers, specifically when they manage virtualization. However, the job of supporting virtualized traffic is more important than providing an always-available pipe.

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Data Center

Resolving Data Storage and Backup Dilemma For Small Businesses

Cloud Storage Devices

As your business expand, need to have a larger storage space becomes pivotal. So, it should not be a surprise that role of IT in making your business sustainable has grown to a great extent. Fortunately for small business with less financial resources, storage cost is becoming more and more cheap with advancement in technology. Despite the kind of storage that is needed, small businesses have failed to show any improvement in this regard. The failure to overcome this issue cannot be due to the least expected surge in cost rather could be attributed to the failure to understand appropriate storage mechanism that could prove to be effective for them. Any seller of storage hardware could sway your decision to buy any particular backup device. But organization running on small scale generally has its own concern regarding cost and operational capability so randomly selecting anything wouldn’t serve its purpose well.

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Serious Concerns of IT Professionals Regarding Disaster Recovery Management

disaster recovery management

Considerable number of organization have had to suddenly stop operations due to a technical issue but virtually no one has thought about foreseeing and getting prepared for it. A research was conducted revealing contrary views that IT professionals and management executives have regarding having an in-house sound disaster recovery mechanism. While 73% of the administration executives rank their respective organizational capability as being satisfactory, figure goes down considerably for IT people. About 33% of the executives said they never felt hesitant in granting money for IT fiasco recovery seemingly lower number given the disruption potential it has.

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