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Resolving Data Storage and Backup Dilemma For Small Businesses

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As your business expand, need to have a larger storage space becomes pivotal. So, it should not be a surprise that role of IT in making your business sustainable has grown to a great extent. Fortunately for small business with less financial resources, storage cost is becoming more and more cheap with advancement in technology. Despite the kind of storage that is needed, small businesses have failed to show any improvement in this regard. The failure to overcome this issue cannot be due to the least expected surge in cost rather could be attributed to the failure to understand appropriate storage mechanism that could prove to be effective for them. Any seller of storage hardware could sway your decision to buy any particular backup device. But organization running on small scale generally has its own concern regarding cost and operational capability so randomly selecting anything wouldn’t serve its purpose well.


Here are some of the options that should be deemed before making final decision:

  • Embedded devices

Most common type is a device attached to your PC or server using a USB port. One issue with it could be that often times it contains obsolete data causing redundancy issue.

  • Device linked to network

Numerous storage devices could be attached to it and is linked directly to the network.

  • Calamity proof storage

Ability to remain intact in any catastrophic event is a hallmark of this device. Its exceptional fire and water proof capabilities have made it stand out among all other available devices.

Common strategies

For important data, businesses should make two or more copies kept on separate devices so that you have a backup even if you lose one of them. In addition, third copy could also be stored online using Amazon Simple Storage service or via online cloud storage.

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