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Robots will take over Medical Science


Robots in the field of medical is not an unusual thing anymore. Surgeries performed with the help of robots are becoming common day by day. Many medical training programs include virtual and robotic cases so that students can be trained without taking risks with actual patients.

Surgery, drug discovery and medical imaging are the three divisions which stand out among all other robotic medical advancements. It is intriguing to see how robotics have influenced medical practices, and how much more change can it bring to the industry.

Robotically-Assisted Surgery

Robotically-assisted surgery was used in neurosurgical biopsy, and was documented for the first time in 1985. This eventually led to the use of robots in similar surgeries, including traditional and laparoscopic operations. It was not until the FDA approved robotic surgery tools in 2000, that the da Vinci Surgery system was introduced in the market.

The market of robotically-assisted surgery is likely to grow continuously till 2023 and possibly beyond. The cost of the equipment is the only hindrance that could potentially delay this growth. Early investment may help in preventing small practices form buying the required devices.

Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery is often a long and boring procedure which includes a lot of evaluation and testing. Using machine learning, predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence could help in speeding up this process.

It is possible that someday, with the help of robotics, researches could feed the kind of medication they have been trying to make and the various kinds of diseases they have been trying to cure into a computer system and let the robotics do the rest.

Medical Imaging

The equipment itself is not necessarily the right course towards a successful medical imaging. The key is to be able to comprehend the information present in the images. Medical images are considered to be the most information based bits of data in the field of medical and they can show a lot more than what a primary visual inspection can reveal.

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