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Famous Trends of Software In 2017

software trends 2017

Along with the latest advancements, many innovations have occurred in software for the delivery of timely services with the recent updates. From our cell phones to thermostats, cars and SaaS apps, all of them follows the method of getting frequent updates. These days, software have made it easier for new changes to occur as compared to the past.

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Data Center

Storage Industry: What to Look For in 2017

Storage industry

Foreseeing even the short-term growth for the storage industry has been very difficult. Being in the digital age, storage industry is revolutionizing at unprecedented pace as every year is bringing something new in terms of advancement. Hardware and software technology is growing rapidly with the advent of cloud. Given all the changes that have been brought in the storage industry, buyers could really expect full value for their money. Another fact that is worth highlighting here is that new devices store more data with less storage space so impeccably efficient in that regard. Storage industry revenue has declined to some extent in that sense but sector has been thriving and this will continue in 2017 onwards.

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