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AQA Paves the Way For Faster Index, Search And Retrieval Of Application Data


With the growth of application data on the rise leading to a saturated phase in relational database management systems (RDBMS) has led to the degradation of query performance. These conditions undermine the execution of the applications that depend on those databases, ultimately damaging the users, businesses and clients.

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Resolving Data Storage and Backup Dilemma For Small Businesses

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As your business expand, need to have a larger storage space becomes pivotal. So, it should not be a surprise that role of IT in making your business sustainable has grown to a great extent. Fortunately for small business with less financial resources, storage cost is becoming more and more cheap with advancement in technology. Despite the kind of storage that is needed, small businesses have failed to show any improvement in this regard. The failure to overcome this issue cannot be due to the least expected surge in cost rather could be attributed to the failure to understand appropriate storage mechanism that could prove to be effective for them. Any seller of storage hardware could sway your decision to buy any particular backup device. But organization running on small scale generally has its own concern regarding cost and operational capability so randomly selecting anything wouldn’t serve its purpose well.

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