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Wireless Networks – Say Hello to IoT!


Interop ITX speaker has three important tips for making sure that WLAN has prepared itself well for internet of things. Most of the business leaders have this belief that internet of things which provides an opportunity for most of their organizations introduces new business models, enhances customer relationship and increases productivity.

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How to Get Consistent Wi-Fi Speed by Choosing the Right Channel

Wifi Speed By right channel

If it’s taking long to stream your video online, instead of cursing your service provider time has come to upgrade your Wi-Fi router. Despite the numerous advantages of the Wi-Fi technology, it has been rather baffling for many users to get the consistent speed due to the many reasons such as close by interference, router’s location and device’s distance from the router. Having said that, sometimes other electronic devices nearby (television, microwaves) could also cause some distraction. Luckily there are defined ways through which internet speed could be fixed. If you have ever gone through router’s settings, you may have noticed availability of more than one channels. Selecting the appropriate channel would help in getting the consistency in terms of the speed.

Channel one, six and eleven

Wi-Fi devices transmits in numerous frequencies. The typical home network utilizes small range of 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz for one transmission. By virtue of ability of signals to go through walls, generally 2.4 GHz is deemed enough for a medium sized home but 5 GHz is recommended to get the maximum speed. Any typical version of the Wi-Fi router works within the frequency of 2400-2500MHz. This is divided further into channels as 2.4GHz connection usually entails 14 channels. These channels are separated by only 5MHz range apart from 12 MHz space immediately before the 14th channel. Channels convergence mainly results in slow internet speed.

Only channels 1,6 and 11 are spaced adequately which keeps the Wi-Fi speed consistent. It is always recommended to use only these channels to minimize the distraction. Choose 5GHz connection having embedded free space as it constitutes 23 non-overlapping channels. Go for 802.11n wireless device as it automatically alters the best channel that could deliver the maximum speed.

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