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Blockchain and Its Impact on VoIP

Blockchain Impact on VoIP

Blockchain – this is probably something that you have heard about, especially in the banking sector, where this new technology has definitely managed to catch interest. But what exactly is blockchain and how will it manage to “change everything” even the way we communicate through VoIP?

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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Has Done It Again

nvidia geforce gtx

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti performed really well in the recent times according to the latest reviews that came out. New GPU of Nvidia can perform almost 35% faster than GTX 1080, which was claimed by company earlier. It was entirely based on Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, in which flagship gaming GPU includes, next gen 11-Gbps GDDR5X memory and also the 11-GB frame buffer. GTX 1080 Ti is available FOR $699 which as faster and more powerful as compared to the expensive Titan X Pascal, which have also been noticed by reviewers.

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No Need To Worry About Cloud Data Management, Our Experts Are Here For You!

cloud data management

Now a days oncologists prefer having detailed discussions with patients, about their clinical trials and treatment plans. Doctors design a presentation in which they show generic data, lab results, pathology reports and different notes of physicians. This is the initiative by Carolinas HealthCare System which is the nonprofit network of hospital, and it initiates the careful consideration regarding different ways in which CHS manages and protects data off the premises.

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Safeguarding Clinical Devices from Cyber-Criminals

Safeguarding clinical devices

Clinical devices have always been the target of cyber-criminals as more and more cases of data breach have been reported in the media. Increased connectivity has made it more and more harder to protect the data and gave developers, IT professionals and management authorities quite a challenge to come up with an innovative mechanism to safeguard the data. By virtue of living in a digital age, online attackers are active more than ever and relentlessly looking for an opportunity to penetrate through any vulnerable network. Mobile applications are especially appealing to the hackers being operated in sort of an unguarded environment. Virtually all healthcare services use mobile data management solutions to protect their mobile devices from data breach but only few have been able to perfectly implement the system.

The countless loopholes, flaws and deficiencies of healthcare technologies have been baffling for IT professionals but not so much for the hackers apparently, who have been able to attack at will mainly due to the ease with which they could get hospital data from the black market. Numerous studies have been done illustrating the fact that hackers have really zeroed in on healthcare industry. Arxan’s study evaluated 71 of the most prominent healthcare devices from the US, UK, Germany and Japan and concluded that 86% of them have had two major loopholes which have been exploited by online hackers.

The abuse of personal health data is a pivotal issue which should be tackled on urgent basis. But situation becomes even more worse when they target the operational capabilities of clinical devices with an intention to disrupt and control them. Dialysis machines, insulin pumps and numerous apps for gauging body temperature, heartbeat, blood glucose levels use the internet to be monitored and regulated therefore has to be secured completely from more than probable hacker’s attack.

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