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Cisco Clears The Fabric For Nvmf After The Fibre Channel Reaches 32Gbps


Cisco of 32Gbps recently make an announcement regarding MDS 9700 Director Switch and UCS C-series server products which helps in the provision of two major storage networking hardware makers that offers the Fibre Channel bandwidth generation to customers. Along with the maximum bandwidth of almost 1.5 Tbps, Cisco targeted the potential MDS 9700 customers.

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NVMe over fabrics vs Fibre Channel Ethernet Infiniband

NVMe Products

A lot of Hype have been created regarding NVME and its correlated sister concern, NVME over fabrics (NVME-oF). Along with this hype a lot of confusion has also been created concerning various fabrics, whether they work or don’t and the way they work. These fabrics can be scraped together for discussing more technologies regarding NVMe over Fabrics, also some of the alternatives that are arising on the market that is not based on certain standards. It does not mean that these fabrics are not good rather it means that there are just different ways to solve the issues laid out by NVM Express.

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