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The Internet Of Things And What You Don’t Know


Can you imagine a world without the internet or our smart devices? Think about it – how would we stay connected and interact with multiple people at one time? But we are not the only ones who are “connected” – the use of smart technology has, it seems, taken over the devices in and outside our homes as well.

Think about it, with the increase in cloud computing leading to a spike in machine-to-machine communication, we are seeing this technology implanted in almost everything today!

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Wireless Networks – Say Hello to IoT!


Interop ITX speaker has three important tips for making sure that WLAN has prepared itself well for internet of things. Most of the business leaders have this belief that internet of things which provides an opportunity for most of their organizations introduces new business models, enhances customer relationship and increases productivity.

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Advancement of Digital Healthcare with the help of IoT Deployments

IoT Deployments

Digital healthcare is becoming more and more important with the passage of time, as the healthcare providers wants to accomplish the goal of Triple Aim and improve the population lower and health costs. Digital healthcare is an ecosystem that is optimized for fulfilling the needs of practitioners and staff and most importantly the patient population. It is made up of interlinked physical and digital assets including the IT, health technologies, operational technologies and many other systems.

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