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CDW Simplifies IT Strategies with Cloud Planning Services

cloud planning

Many IT companies these days rely on cloud migrations for achieving cost-efficiency, innovation and improved performance. Cloud migrating is a complex process that requires proper planning and the cloud migration strategy helps running services at affordable cost.

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Cloud Data Center

Storage Transformation: A Result of the IT Transformation

Storage Transformation

It seems that IT transformation is the hot topic these days as organizations, irrespective of their size, are seeking to incorporate digital technology into their business.

A recent survey conducted by 451 Research, it was revealed that half of the organizations were undergoing IT transformation which later rose to 2/3 of the larger enterprises employing more than 10,000 employees.

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Revolutionizing IT For a Digital Era

IT for a digital era

As technical malfunction forces an organizational shift towards IT, they must come up with holistic approach to keep their system up to date. Most organizations face severe issues regarding updating their technology in terms of revolutionizing customer purchasing experience, incorporating new technologies, i.e. cloud, replacing outdated software solutions etc. Usually companies don’t prefer to change the whole system at once rather prioritizes the work according to what is needed the most in order to avoid the sudden shock. But as looming online threat is becoming significant, they need to rush the update work a bit so that whole system is protected.

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