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Our Top 5 Business Intelligence Solutions For Data-Focused Smbs

top 5 business intelligence solutions

With businesses transitioning towards Business Intelligence solutions for their day-to-day use, a lot of tech apps have emerged in the market. And with so many of them in the market, let’s take a look at the top 5 solutions out there.

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A Guide to Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

What is the surface Laptop?

Microsoft pitches the laptop worth $999 as an Apple MacBook challenger, with improved battery life and enhanced performance. Laptop also helps in dissuading students and schools by switching from mid to high-end PCs. Laptop uses utilizes Windows 10 S, which is a locked down OS version that it will only run the apps which are installed through Windows Store. Microsoft is also targeting fast boot times for Windows 10 S, so no more than 15 seconds for initial log in and for every single attempt within five seconds. When it was launched, Surface Laptop was shown sleeping and waking along with the lid being closed or opened. One major drawback of Windows Store Lock is that store is still missing many desktop releases of Windows.

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Dell EMC and Microsoft Join Hands on Hybrid Cloud Platform for Boosting Digital Transformation

Dell EMC and Microsoft

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is a platform which allows different businesses to share and develop cloud-native apps. It was announced by Microsoft and Dell EMC on Thursday which involves a joint offering and it also aims at increasing the process speed for different organizations which further helps in the management of hybrid cloud strategy.

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Devices Networking

Wireless Networks – Say Hello to IoT!


Interop ITX speaker has three important tips for making sure that WLAN has prepared itself well for internet of things. Most of the business leaders have this belief that internet of things which provides an opportunity for most of their organizations introduces new business models, enhances customer relationship and increases productivity.

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Cisco Clears The Fabric For Nvmf After The Fibre Channel Reaches 32Gbps


Cisco of 32Gbps recently make an announcement regarding MDS 9700 Director Switch and UCS C-series server products which helps in the provision of two major storage networking hardware makers that offers the Fibre Channel bandwidth generation to customers. Along with the maximum bandwidth of almost 1.5 Tbps, Cisco targeted the potential MDS 9700 customers.

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Computing Devices Security

Video Surveillance by Cisco

Video Surveillance by Cisco

Cisco Video Surveillance 2630V IP dome is a special camera designed for the provision of super performance in broad variety of video surveillance environments and application. These cameras offer wide range digital camera with rich features for conducting the video surveillance system. They also help in providing high-quality, bandwidth-efficient video transmission and capture with assistance for D1 solution, H.264 encoding, motion-triggered viewing and also MPEG-4 encoding. The IP domes of 2630 are resistant. They involve a fan and heater and they are designed specifically for outdoors. The model CIVS-IPC-2630V involves a clear dome cover.

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Data Center

Storage Industry: What to Look For in 2017

Storage industry

Foreseeing even the short-term growth for the storage industry has been very difficult. Being in the digital age, storage industry is revolutionizing at unprecedented pace as every year is bringing something new in terms of advancement. Hardware and software technology is growing rapidly with the advent of cloud. Given all the changes that have been brought in the storage industry, buyers could really expect full value for their money. Another fact that is worth highlighting here is that new devices store more data with less storage space so impeccably efficient in that regard. Storage industry revenue has declined to some extent in that sense but sector has been thriving and this will continue in 2017 onwards.

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