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APIs and Its Importance for Businesses Today

Apis and its importance

APIs, or Application Program Interfaces is fast becoming increasingly vital for businesses across each and every industry today. It’s importance in the world of business can be gauged by the fact that today, the use of APIs can be found pretty much everywhere on the net – whether it’s in the form of  integration on social media or on mobile applications.

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Blockchain and Its Impact on VoIP

Blockchain Impact on VoIP

Blockchain – this is probably something that you have heard about, especially in the banking sector, where this new technology has definitely managed to catch interest. But what exactly is blockchain and how will it manage to “change everything” even the way we communicate through VoIP?

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Cisco And Jive Integrate Smart Cloud Platform Into Desk Phones For More Effective Communication


We always say that when a Business VoIP or UC provider come together with another provider, it always results in new and innovative solutions, not to mention the fact that it’s these partnerships that really push towards the adaption of Cloud Communication. And this time, it seems that the two giants Cisco and Jive have joined hands are taking their partnership forward!

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HPE Discover 2017: Bringing Data Back From The Cloud

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Whether it’s a car, appliance or even an industrial machine; everything is become connected which has led to businesses store more and more data into the public cloud. But that too is seen changing as companies are now reversing that strategy and bringing data back to on-premises infrastructure.

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Devices Networking

Cisco Adds To Its Portfolio With 3 New Wireless And Routers Models


A few days, Cisco announced three new wireless and router models, adding to its increasing business portfolio and we have got all the information that you could need for them!

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Safeguarding Your Computer against Ransome Attack

Ransome Attack safeguard

Microsoft reneges on update policy for pushing out the patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help in protecting against ransomware attack. The outbreak for Friday’s ransomware, which was used recently revealed weaknesses in Microsoft Windows operating system for spreading further and faster than ever before, has caused the Redmond-based developer for breaking its own rules on software maintenance.

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Data Center

Make Memory Faster and Cheaper with 3D X Point Memory Technology

intel optane technology

Is there any way of making data centers and PCs faster? Well, Yes! 3D XPoint memory technology is the new technology which will make its way into both PCs and data centers, which is designed to fill the gaps between speedy conventional memory where computers preserve data for the immediate use and flash memory is used for longer-term storage.

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Get Increased Speed in Cloud Services with Microsoft’s Qualcomm

microsoft and qualcomm

Qualcomm announced a collaboration with Microsoft for accelerating next-generation cloud services on the platform of 10nm Qualcomm. Their association was with various multiple generations of software, hardware and systems. There are many firms which have been working for so many years on the ARM-based server enablement.

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Networking Security

Using Sshfs to Work with Remote File Systems


Linux is one of the most flexible platforms in the market these days. There is nothing which Linux cannot do. The ability of mounting securely remote file systems and working with them on local machine. This feature is not built into the operating system by default, as it can be easily added with sshfs.

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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Has Done It Again

nvidia geforce gtx

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti performed really well in the recent times according to the latest reviews that came out. New GPU of Nvidia can perform almost 35% faster than GTX 1080, which was claimed by company earlier. It was entirely based on Nvidia’s Pascal architecture, in which flagship gaming GPU includes, next gen 11-Gbps GDDR5X memory and also the 11-GB frame buffer. GTX 1080 Ti is available FOR $699 which as faster and more powerful as compared to the expensive Titan X Pascal, which have also been noticed by reviewers.

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