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Cloud Networking

Making WLAN decision: On-Premises Vs. Cloud-Managed


If you are in the market for unique and business class WLAN, then one of the most important decisions that you should make is the selection of traditional controller of on-premises or the solution for cloud-managed. Most of the organizations successfully manage WLAN with some of the WLAN controllers, but the WLAN which is cloud-managed has gained lot of attraction. The concept of shifting configuration and controlling the complete WLAN to cloud service provider is difficult to swallow for most of the veteran architects.

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No Need To Worry About Cloud Data Management, Our Experts Are Here For You!

cloud data management

Now a days oncologists prefer having detailed discussions with patients, about their clinical trials and treatment plans. Doctors design a presentation in which they show generic data, lab results, pathology reports and different notes of physicians. This is the initiative by Carolinas HealthCare System which is the nonprofit network of hospital, and it initiates the careful consideration regarding different ways in which CHS manages and protects data off the premises.

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Cost Reduction by Software Asset Management in five steps

Software Asset Management

There are many organizations who want to save as much money as they can. A neglected approach to savings is software asset management (SAM), which helps in the implementation of different tools and practice for the management of deployment, acquisition, maintenance, use and software disposal.

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