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Boost In Enterprise Container Adoption With The Microsoft And Red Hat Collaboration

Microsoft And Red Hat Collaboration

It seems that Microsoft and Red Hat have decided to expand their alliance of 2 years and bridge the gap between open source computing and Windows. But how exactly, you might ask? Well, the two giants have launched several new initiatives that will not only expand and strengthen their alliance but will also help the enterprise customers to adopt to container solutions. This development will benefit the customers and will allow them access to native support for the Windows Server containers that are operating on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure.

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Data Center

Our Top 5 Business Intelligence Solutions For Data-Focused Smbs

top 5 business intelligence solutions

With businesses transitioning towards Business Intelligence solutions for their day-to-day use, a lot of tech apps have emerged in the market. And with so many of them in the market, let’s take a look at the top 5 solutions out there.

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A Guide to Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

What is the surface Laptop?

Microsoft pitches the laptop worth $999 as an Apple MacBook challenger, with improved battery life and enhanced performance. Laptop also helps in dissuading students and schools by switching from mid to high-end PCs. Laptop uses utilizes Windows 10 S, which is a locked down OS version that it will only run the apps which are installed through Windows Store. Microsoft is also targeting fast boot times for Windows 10 S, so no more than 15 seconds for initial log in and for every single attempt within five seconds. When it was launched, Surface Laptop was shown sleeping and waking along with the lid being closed or opened. One major drawback of Windows Store Lock is that store is still missing many desktop releases of Windows.

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Get Increased Speed in Cloud Services with Microsoft’s Qualcomm

microsoft and qualcomm

Qualcomm announced a collaboration with Microsoft for accelerating next-generation cloud services on the platform of 10nm Qualcomm. Their association was with various multiple generations of software, hardware and systems. There are many firms which have been working for so many years on the ARM-based server enablement.

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Microsoft Is Looking Towards Cloud Monitoring Company

microsoft cloud

Microsoft is considering to buy Cloudyn, which is a company for cloud monitoring according to Israeli publication Calcalist. Sharon Wagner who is the founder and chief executive of company told fortune that they were approached for having discussion with the leaders from global industry which has not been reached by the contractual document or agreement.

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Will Microsoft and ARMs emerge as winners in the battle of the servers?

microsoft unveils new arm server designs

According to the marketing campaign of Intel, the company is driving almost 98% of the cloud. That statistic will be under an attack with some OS and chip announcements.

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