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The Internet Of Things And What You Don’t Know


Can you imagine a world without the internet or our smart devices? Think about it – how would we stay connected and interact with multiple people at one time? But we are not the only ones who are “connected” – the use of smart technology has, it seems, taken over the devices in and outside our homes as well.

Think about it, with the increase in cloud computing leading to a spike in machine-to-machine communication, we are seeing this technology implanted in almost everything today!

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The Future of Networking is in The Cloud


With cloud technology taking over various industries, it comes as no surprise that more than 60% of the spending of the IT sector will be directed towards cloud-based services in the coming years. Although it has been a somewhat gradual process, but the shift towards cloud has already begun with a lot of companies offering cloud-based services and applications.

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Safeguarding Your Computer against Ransome Attack

Ransome Attack safeguard

Microsoft reneges on update policy for pushing out the patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help in protecting against ransomware attack. The outbreak for Friday’s ransomware, which was used recently revealed weaknesses in Microsoft Windows operating system for spreading further and faster than ever before, has caused the Redmond-based developer for breaking its own rules on software maintenance.

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Using Sshfs to Work with Remote File Systems


Linux is one of the most flexible platforms in the market these days. There is nothing which Linux cannot do. The ability of mounting securely remote file systems and working with them on local machine. This feature is not built into the operating system by default, as it can be easily added with sshfs.

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Famous Trends of Software In 2017

software trends 2017

Along with the latest advancements, many innovations have occurred in software for the delivery of timely services with the recent updates. From our cell phones to thermostats, cars and SaaS apps, all of them follows the method of getting frequent updates. These days, software have made it easier for new changes to occur as compared to the past.

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Technology Is Not The Barrier To Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Do you want a secure cloud for finding the best approaches and technologies? If yes, then competent secure technology of cloud is always available and most of the IT organizations in cloud teams are very good at finding and utilizing it. The cloud IT makes use of the latest technologies and suitable approaches for achieving authentic cloud security, many departments across IT must collaborate to provide complete focus on cloud computing and legacy.

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Protecting Servers and Clouds With Sky Link

Protecting Servers with sky link

Sky Link Data Centers invited the members of South West Florida to Naples headquarters, things turned out really well more than what was expected by the chief technology officer, Jacob Ackerman. Despite Ackerman’s expectations, there were many IT professionals who showed up to understand more about the company.

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