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AQA Paves the Way For Faster Index, Search And Retrieval Of Application Data


With the growth of application data on the rise leading to a saturated phase in relational database management systems (RDBMS) has led to the degradation of query performance. These conditions undermine the execution of the applications that depend on those databases, ultimately damaging the users, businesses and clients.

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Data Center

Make Memory Faster and Cheaper with 3D X Point Memory Technology

intel optane technology

Is there any way of making data centers and PCs faster? Well, Yes! 3D XPoint memory technology is the new technology which will make its way into both PCs and data centers, which is designed to fill the gaps between speedy conventional memory where computers preserve data for the immediate use and flash memory is used for longer-term storage.

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No Need To Worry About Cloud Data Management, Our Experts Are Here For You!

cloud data management

Now a days oncologists prefer having detailed discussions with patients, about their clinical trials and treatment plans. Doctors design a presentation in which they show generic data, lab results, pathology reports and different notes of physicians. This is the initiative by Carolinas HealthCare System which is the nonprofit network of hospital, and it initiates the careful consideration regarding different ways in which CHS manages and protects data off the premises.

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Technology Is Not The Barrier To Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Do you want a secure cloud for finding the best approaches and technologies? If yes, then competent secure technology of cloud is always available and most of the IT organizations in cloud teams are very good at finding and utilizing it. The cloud IT makes use of the latest technologies and suitable approaches for achieving authentic cloud security, many departments across IT must collaborate to provide complete focus on cloud computing and legacy.

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Game-Changing 3D NAND SSDs Gain Capacity and Performance

3d nand

Game changer is a frequently used term with lots of enthusiasm in IT industry. The increasing demands of mobile computing and data centers increases the requirements for high capacity and high performance with NAND flash technology. System designers develop products such as mobile devices, laptops and servers that takes the benefit of 3D NAND. The innovative 3D technology from Micron and Intel is potentially considered to be game changing.

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Devices Networking

Exploring Industrial Shift Towards Wireless Technology

wireless network technology

Until now, most commercial organizations relied on optical fiber cables to support their network infrastructure. Although they provided high internet speed and transmit large volume of data packets, their performance degraded over time by virtue of signal deterioration and impaired data transfer speed. Structural upgradation has to be made for the data cables that were installed in the fourth quarter of the last century with the advent of internet. As organizations stretched far and wide, wired technology’s loopholes became evident by virtue of being limited to any particular premises. For any larger area, in order to install network of cables, underground channel has to be dug which obviously would require additional cost and could turn out to be very costly.

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