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Famous Trends of Software In 2017

software trends 2017

Along with the latest advancements, many innovations have occurred in software for the delivery of timely services with the recent updates. From our cell phones to thermostats, cars and SaaS apps, all of them follows the method of getting frequent updates. These days, software have made it easier for new changes to occur as compared to the past.

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Assessing 2016 Networking Trends

tech trends 2016

As is the case generally, Cisco remained in the limelight for networking news in 2016. Last year turnover for the company showed a decline in earnings in terms of data center purchasing as buyers were hesitant to buy new switches and data products by virtue of uncertainty in the financial market. ‘Barefoot Networks’ initiated project to launch high speed programmable chips as the past year has seen the consistent growth of wireless LAN technology. Industry has seen persistent deployment of systems based on 802.11 ac specification. Researchers also came up with Wi-Fi related technology that could be used to locate people within any given premises. This has been beneficial for small businesses that were looking to take advantage of similar kind of technology but was unable to afford it. Cisco also introduced new cloud based multigigabit switch with the addition of desk phones for one of its wireless unit.

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