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Revealing Secrets of the Universe Using Quantum Computers

quantam computer

Researchers have hinted towards imitation of the time universe was created via quantum computer. This would the very first time that high energy physics experiment could be virtually replicated which could reveal many hidden facts about the universe. Quantum computer would define new dimensions of computing in this digital age since they do not operate like any typical computer that functions on binary code. They instead are built to function on qubits incorporating both 0,1 state. This would mean that their embedded processor would be much more faster therefore could handle multiple complicated calculations at the same time. Google’s D-Wave 2 quantum computer is a billion times quicker than an ordinary laptop.

Scientists also upgraded a quantum computer recently for the purpose of their research making use of four calcium ions. Quantum computer imitated the emergence of electrons and protons in the vacuum and laser beam allowed the computer to perform computations quickly. The experiment was performed to gauge how particles function in an environment similar to that of space.

Though Quantum computing has been quite a success in the recent years on a large scale, people have raised the issue of its usage at a lower level. Researchers have pointed out that as it becomes more and more common, things would be more and more clearer as to how it would replace a normal computer. But it’s certainly more than capable to handle tasks which has been termed as beyond the reach of even most advanced computer versions.
Even though it would be difficult to contradict the findings of an experiment performed by particles collider, quantum computer could certainly help us better evaluate them. It could prove to be a game changer in terms of understanding high energy physics and would define both past and future to a great extent.

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