The Rise of Machine Language and AI


As the world is moving towards promising advancements, every day we receive multiple announcements in Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence. There is still a lot of buzz in the market but we are now seeing products and development in this area.

Although the existing algorithms are slowly and gradually becoming intelligent, and there is a strong desire to enhance the impact of Security Orchestration Automation and Response from involuntary means. The old advancements are in our advantage today but they might turn into some kind of adversary for us in the coming time. The most complicated part of autonomous security system is to find the absolute balance between predictability and intelligence.

It is only a question of time before the intelligent attacks start increasing, regardless of whether it is smart phishing , self-maintained hivenets or swarm-bots fit for performing assaults with no human supervision; or polymorphic malware that will be persistently advancing amid the assault.

The old social and ethical challenges faced by the researchers will not be applicable on the upcoming attackers and their methods. Controlled environment and development won’t be of any help for Dark AI as it cannot be regulated. As the most important tasks is to build most effective and destructive Artificial Intelligence, instead of concentrating on the long term implications and morale aspects and implications that have long term affects. Don’t expect Dark AI to follow the three robotic rules.

Modern viruses such as ransom-ware or malware aren’t being developed by the small groups of hackers, or there is only one coder that write code of malware. But now there is a whole marketplace to buy or sell viruses, special components or latest exploits like grocery or clothes. New ransomwares now include encryption and decryption modules either third party or open source for command, payment and etc.

Creating complex algorithms now require complex coding and it isn’t one-man’s show at all. It will only take a small fraction of time or money before someone comes with modules to compile malware infused with artificial intelligence. Expansive botnets, comprising of a huge number of contaminated machines and IoT gadgets, can give the required processing energy to fuel this up-coming age of assaults.

We ought to sensibly expect algorithmically improved advancement in all phases of regular malware assault — whether it is recon stage, control and command, development or coercion. With the risk of modularised and smart malware and ransom-ware assaults, the time has come to separate your static security playbook and instrument a versatile layer of combined security apparatuses. Security rules are supposed to set-up with as many protection as possible to end the cyber kill chain at almost all the stages.

Instead of two large forces fighting at the battlefield, for critical battle, the approach that we will be using is hybrid which includes isolated incidents most of whom doesn’t include human involvement. Coordination, computerization and the capacity to ensure all assets utilizing versatile security apparatuses will be the eventual fate of the advanced and digitalized battlefield..


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