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Why do businesses need a server?

Businesses need a server

Businesses are using desktop PCs as their server which could stop working anytime as they are not built to work 24/7. In case of shut down, you would be in danger of losing all your files and any other important documents. PC can never take the place of server which is obviously more dependable as it is made to remain switched on all the time. Its more endurable, built for multi-tasking and there is no need to shut it down for routine repairs. Don’t even think about doing it on any desktop computer. Small businesses having more than 5 computers should really have a secure server to make your business efficient.

Server would not only make it easy for you to retrieve any data, its exceedingly safer than a computer which lacks any central source for daily support activities. Server strengthens your data storage capabilities, manages emails, sheets and recovery plan and give protection from any virus that could take the whole network down. Visible difference would be seen in terms of meeting a deadline as data would be accessible through one central source. Sharing data would not be a problem as you could easily send it to multiple clients. It would make your daily operations more efficient as it would dramatically reduce the time spent on any activity. Your customers would feel satisfied as it would be easier for you to contact them immediately after they register any issue.

Cloud VS In-house

After you have opted for having a server, you generally have an option either to have it installed in your office or go for a cloud option. Businesses generally ask this question repeatedly. In case of in- house server, you would have to do all the repairs on your own but outsourcing it would relieve you somewhat as you would just be paying a fee for maintenance.

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